TJ Hockenson for draft picks?

I’ve got a dynasty trade question for you.
I trade: TJ Hockenson
I get: 2023 mid first (probably), 2023 mid 2nd (probably)

I have Goedert and Fant as backups. Obviously my only worry is that Hockenson is young and becomes elite

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If a player on Detroit’s roster is elite, you know it when he’s drafted (i.e. Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson). There is no “SURPRISE! He’s elite!”.

Hockenson is good, but not elite. If you get a mid first and mid second for him, grab it. Even if they end up as late first and second, I’d still take that deal. You can get much better in other positions that will matter.


Hockenson is a good TE, but I have him ranked just below the big drop-off in TE production. Which means he won’t score a lot more fantasy points than most mid-range TEs.

Goedert is in the same tier as Hockenson, so you won’t lose a ton of production. The value you are being offered is excellent, as 2023 promises to be a very strong draft class.

I’d take that offer without hesitation.


I would keep Hockenson. He is a top talent at a position that has little. He showed that at the start of the season. In dynasty a keeper, this year questionable,

Take the 2 picks. Geodert and Hockenson are the same TE. Both on teams where targets share is going down. Phi brings in Brown. Detriot Williams and Swift is healthy.

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Plus the 2023 rookie draft is expected to be deep. So that Mid first is valuable. And even the mid 2nd might fetch a nice player.

Trade also depends if your in rebuild or contender. If rebuild 100% make the trade. If contending then might be nice to be able to platoon Geodert and Hockensen.

I took the picks. I’m a contender but I don’t have any firsts or seconds next year and the draft looks deep.

I was immediately offered DK, 2022 2nd (prob mid to late) and a 2023 3rd

For these two picks.

I turned it down. Was that dumb?

Not at all. 2023 2nd beats 2022 2nd. 2023 1st beats DK. 2023 3rd isn’t enough to compensate for that.


Agree with Zak. DK is getting passes from Lock and Smith this year. You could probably get him at a discount later on in the year when his numbers are down.