Travis kelce trade advice

This is a dynasty league. 1 qb 2 rb 2 wide 1 te 1 flex 1 d and 1 k full ppr.
I would be sending
Nick Chubb and tj hockenson
I would get Travis Kelce

I have for running backs
Dalvin cook, James cook, d swift, r penny, Pacheco, Jerome ford.

I took second last year and think this move might set me up for a better shot.

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Guessing you get Kelce. I don’t like your RBs or the deal at all.

So once you cancel out the Chubbs, you’re giving away Hockenson for nothing.

I’d pass.

Welcome back!

Chubb is the only elite RB you have. This is a bad deal for you.

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I wouldn’t do it. Kelce is going to be turning 34 in the fall. You may only be getting a year or two for his services at an elite level. Meanwhile… Chubb is still elite and considered a power back (without the size). Hockenson’s R/G went up notably after being traded to the Vikings and as a Packers fan, I noticed. He also just turned 26 and between both teams he played for last year he had his best fantasy season yet and finished 2nd at TE production (only behind Kelce). I would never accept this, much less propose it. :smirk:

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What about swift and hockenson for mark andrews?

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Why would you trade Hockenson plus anything for Andrews? Hockenson was 2nd last year in both ppr and half ppr, whereas Andrews was 3rd? You really expect Hockenson to be worse without Dalvin Cook in Minnesota’s offense?

Let’s toss in the fact that Baltimore keeps adding WR’s to a new offense. Sure, Andrews is likely going to get a good number of targets, but will he feast like he did under the old offensive coordinator?

Just keep Hockenson.


Ok, I’ll settle down. I am just a bit sour since the Vikings died on me when I needed them the most, the championship game. Thanks guys for talking me out of it!