Proposed Trade for TE's

As I told Ed I would, I offered Schultz for Hockenson to August. I added Burks to complete the current balance.

Good or bad offer?

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Is it worthwhile to get a TE who has only balled out only once this year? Aside from Hockenson’s game against New Orleans, he really has been mediocre. Your current TE Ertz has been much more consistent for you this year.

If I was your trade partner, I’d take that deal in a heartbeat.

Ertz has bee great and Schutz has come back nicely with Dak at 8 and 10 points last 2 games. For me it was a futures trade as I think Hockenson will do more in Minny and is a few years younger.

The trade was rejected. He countered with one of your offers wanting Cee Dee for Hockenson and waivers Rondale. Now I have two of ya. LOL

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Your trade partner gets the bear:
Polar Bear Facepalm

He owned you! And he gave it away. Sad.

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Priceless. Just too funny, LOL