Trade Question - Help Please!

12 team ppr, I’d be giving up CEH, Metcalf, and Mattison. I’d get Mixon, Swift, and Jared Cook in return.

The rest of my team is Elliot, Ja’Marr Chase, Sammy Watkins, OBJ, Javonte Williams, Sermon, Michael Carter, Goedert, and TY Hilton in the I/R slot.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks everyone!!!

IMO, not a good trade for you. You may lack depth at RB but you have two solid starters. Your WR’s are iffy after Metcalf, Chase could be good if Burrow gets better protection and OBJ is hurt… giving up your WR1 and not getting any WR love back kills the deal for me.

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In isolation:

CEH < Mixon
Metcalf = Swift
Mattison < Cook (esp. when all you have is Goedert)

But as was mentioned, your WRs after the deal are Chase, Watkins and OBJ, with Hilton on IR–that’s not good enough to make up for the gains at RB and TE.