Big trade Question on CMC. Thoughts

I was offered Burrow/Chase for CMC. He has a good team, this would improve my WR. He has a pretty good WR group. Chase, Metcalf, Evans, Aiyuk. What are your thoughts? Thx
Here’s my line up
QB-- T Law K. Murry,
RB–CMC, J. Taylor Pacheco R. White Roshon
WR–D. Smith, D. Hop J. Addison T. Dell
TE–D. Goedert

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Full point PPR? Where are each of you in the standings? How many wide receivers and what’s the flex situation? Who’s he left with as his starting quarterback, and who are his current starting running backs? Have you already played this person, or will you play them before the playoffs?

Full point PPR. Im 4th at 4-3, He’s 9th at 3-4. League is 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 1-Flex (RB/WR). He will have Herbert for his QB and his RB’s are Pollard, Montgomery, K. Hunt, I have played him and won but with a different line up, at the time I didnt have J. Taylor or Pacheco and I had Josh Allen but traded for J.Taylor and Pacheco. It’s a 12 team league and I won’t play him again unless he makes it to the playoffs (6 team playoffs).

I might be able to justify a dynasty trade of CMC if my team hadn’t won a game so far and I want to rebuild. But if you are even remotely competitive, you have to keep him. Period. He’s fantasy gold.

Getting two Corvette’s for a Lamborghini isn’t a good deal.

I understand what ur saying edmcgon. I think Chase is a Lamborghini. I do need WR help. I know CMC and Chase isn’t apples to apples. . Maybe I can send him a counter maybe Pacheco for DK. I would like to keep him RBs are such a commodity right now but I need improvement at WR. thoughts?

In a redraft I would not consider trading CMC

Much better idea, if he bites.

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