Big Trade - Advice Needed!

Here is my lineup as it sits.

QB - Hurts
RB - Swift
RB - Javonte
WR - Lamb
WR - Waddle
Flex - DK

Bench - London, Pierce, Gainwell and Mitchell

Someone wants Swift from me now. Here are the players I am interested in from his lineup. Brandon Ayuik, Josh Jacobs, Brian Rob, Mixon, Doubs and G Davis.

I offered him Swift & DK and I receive Jacobs, Ayuik and G Davis or Doubs but he declined. The only RB he is willing to trade is B Rob and maybe Mixon. Should i make that trade if i can land Ayuik, B rob and one of those WRs or maybe both RBs? What should i offer? Thoughts anyone? Maybe throw in Pierce in the mix too? My take is this, I am not high at all on DK Metcalf, I think Ayuik is up for a big season, Top 15 WR.


So same as last year then?

I mean could be top 10 if he stays healthy. Plus Deboo is going to miss games here and there throughout season in my opinion. So then what is your take then? Any combo options for the trade at all?

I don’t get into prospective trade ideas. Nobody knows what another owner is thinking, or how they evaluate their players, so it’s impossible to specify in advance who you “should” trade for whom.

I just wasn’t sure you were aware that Aiyuk was already a top 15 WR last year, so it’s not just you who assesses him as such.

Understand and I appreciate your response. More than anything my question is what option would you take? Giving up Swift and DK and possibly throwing in either Pierce or London. Would you do it to get a combination of Ayuik, Mixon, B rob, Doubs, G Davis?