Need Help! 1/2 PPR Trade

I have been offered a trade and need advice. Currently sitting 1-3, 10th place in 12 team league.

I would trade Darrell Henderson / DK Metcalf for Travis Kelce / Jakobi Meyers.

1/2 PPR

My current team:
RBs - McCaffrey, Henderson, J. Robinson, T. Sermon, C. Hubbard
WRs - DK Metcalf, B. Cooks, A. Brown, T. Marshall, J. Jeudy, M. Gallup
TEs - M Gesicki, D. Schultz

Thanks for any and all help!

The value of Henderson and Metcalf is a little higher to me in my opinion. I would see if they would take Cooks first, may not work but who knows

I would try a Robinson/Schultz for Kelce deal. If that doesn’t work, then try Henderson instead of Robinson.