Trade offer (Would you take this deal)?

Would you trade Hunt, Hopkins, and Tonyan for Stefon Diggs?

My roster
WR - C Ridley, Hopkins, Hardman
RB- Zeke, Carson, Hunt, Javonte Williams, Eli Mitchell
TE - Kittle, Tonyan, and Hunter Henry

Why would you possibly want to do that? Hopkins is performing better than Diggs so far.

Thanks. I was thinking the same. Hopkins just make me nervous. His injury has lingered on too long.

I hear you, but Diggs has not met expectations, either. I wouldn’t blame you if you traded Hopkins for Diggs, but not with Hunt and Tonyan as an add-on.

Thank you for the advice. I will not do the trade. Especially with Hunt in the deal.


bigger question is why are you rostering 3 TE’s?

Because Kittle stay hurt and Tonyan was thrown in with a recent trade. I was going to drop Tonyan.