Trade 11 teams. Espn. Ppr

I get d hopkins. Pitts. Kamara.
Give Andrew’s. Hunt. Trey burks. Wr from tenn

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Why even consider it? Hopkins is out and who knows what he will bring. Pitts has been a disaster in scoring and Kamara is shaky at best.

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Yeah, waste of time to even bring something like that for opinions.

Welcome aboard!

Ignore the lawn gnome. He’s this board’s version of Don Rickles, without being funny at all.

When considering a trade, I always look at the best player(s) in the trade. Technically, you have an underperforming TE Pitts versus all-world TE Mark Andrews. The rest of this trade is noise.

If this is a keeper/dynasty league, the Pitts side of the trade has some value. Otherwise, Andrews is the value here.