What to do with my WRs?

Past couple of weeks my WRs have been under performing or hurt and I am not sure who I should keep, who to trade.

My WR: Chase, Hopkins, DJ Moore, Mike Williams, Brandin Cooks

from this group, outside of Chase & Cooks, the other 3 were doing well couple of weeks ago, but havent for last 2 weeks. and I am entirely off the Hopkins wagon, dude cant stay healthy and AZ is passing to multiple WRs.

I can potentially target Mike Evans for D-hop since that owner is 1-7 and I might be able to swing that trade. They also have Ridley, but his return is uncertain so thats my best trade proposal.

Thanks in advance.

I’d avoid all players in the Tampa offense except for Brady and Fournette, and even Fournette concerns me. (Yes, I have Ty Johnson, but he was a cheap waiver pickup, and he concerns me too)

Actually, I think you have a good stable of WR’s. You just need to stream them better. A bad week or two isn’t a sign you need to make changes.

The only possible trade I can see is trading Hopkins. But if you trade him, you’ll need to trade another position too in order to get some value for him. In other words, make it seem like you are giving up a high-value player when you are really trying to dump him into somebody else’s lap.

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Someone did ask for Hopkins and Cooks, for Marquis Brown. but then I am thin at WR if DJ Moore & Mike Williams keep under performing.

Keep the faith and play the matchups. Watch for streaming opportunities. Honestly, any of those guys could be worthy starters if their opponents are weak enough. Don’t look for the “every week” starter, but stream your best opportunities, and you can go far.

Thats what I have been doing.

I am 7-1, lookng at long term.

Here’s the rest of my Roster:
QB: Dak
RB: CMC, Hubbar, Najee, Kareem Hunt
WR: Chase, Hopkins, DJ Moore, Mike Williams, Brandin Cooks, Russle Gage (may replace with Tajae Sharpe or someone better)
TE: Hockenson / Pat Freiermuth (drop after this week)
K: Zurline (rotate based on match up)
DST: Steelers (rotate based on match up)

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You’re 7-1? If anything, drop Gage and pick up Cooper Rush as protection for Dak. Other than that, enjoy your path to the championship. The only way you lose is blind luck at this point.

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so my WRs let me down again this week. I am starting to panic a little.
Brandin Cooks - 56 yards of 13 targets, so far my best WR
DJ Moore - 32 yards on 7 targets, 3 games with less then 100 yards or TD.
Mike Williams - 58 yards on 5 targets, 3 games with less then 50 yards or TD.
Hopkins - DNP, just need him to be healthy, but he’s been on my bench for last 3 weeks
Gage - Bench, 64 yards on 8 targets. my 2nd best WR, and i hope he actually gets better as long as Ridley is out

on WW - Elijah Moore, Peoples Jones, Aiyuk, Gallup, Allen Robinson…anyone else you can think of?

I watched the Atlanta game, and Gage looked good yesterday. Definitely one to hold onto.

Cooks had 13 targets. That is all you need to know. Targets are opportunities. He’s a keeper.

Moore is the best receiver on the Panthers, admittedly a bad team. Next time CMC goes down, and he will, Moore will get even more targets. Hold onto him.

Hopkins will return eventually, You can’t release him. He’s too good to drop.

Williams has always been kind of a boom and bust player. However, from what I have heard, teams have started to figure out the Chargers offense. He might be one to be released. If you do…

Looking at your waiver wire, Elijah Moore seems like the one to get, after an 8-7-84-2 performance. Can he keep it up? It might be worth taking a gamble on.

Sorry, missed this thread earlier. I’d have made that trade. I don’t like Brown as a player, and I don’t like the idea of investing into the Ravens’ passing offense. But Brown is just tremendously effective. And his ROS schedule looks just yummy!

Yes, you will have 1 WR less after that trade. But you can pick up Elijah Moore and/or DPJ, and should be fine.

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Thanks for your feedback. The guy didnt want to take on Hopkins and then he backed out completely seeing how Moore and Williams had been performing.
I can ask for Mike Evans from the last placed team and trade them one of the 3 for even trade.

Are we talking redraft or keeper league here?

Keeper . PPR.
Worst case, i draft someone different next year.

Okay, let’s break this down.

Chase is your WR1 and your most valuable keeper. Average production ~21 FFP over the last 3 games, even though there is a risk that opponents have figured him out by now. Anyway, he’s a roster lock.

Your WR2 candidates:
DJ Moore, 11 FFP, trending down.
Brandin Cooks, 16 FFP, stable.
Mike Williams, 6 FFP, not startable atm.
DeAndre Hopkins, 20 FFP before his injury - but now injured.

Moore is probably the most valuable of the 4, from a keeper perspective, but he will remain shaky this season, thanks to poor QB play.

Cooks is probably the most reliable option you have there.

D-Hop would be great, if he was healthy. You can try to ride the injury out, hoping that he will quickly return to old strength. Or trade him for a healthier version of himself. He’s the oldest of your WRs, btw.

Williams is not startable, until he proves that he can generate a lot more than 5 targets again. You can probably trade him away. If you are in win-now mode, you can also trade DJ Moore away. I don’t think you’ll ever be comfortable starting him this season anymore.

I’d definitely keep Cooks, and would probably also hang on to D-Hop, unless you can get a top WR for him.


Appreciate the detailed feedback.

So I have picked up Gage, Aiyuk and about to make a trade offer for Mike Evans trading away Mike Williams.

I’ll keep D-hop until he is healthy and roll with Cooks.

I also have kareem Hunt and Devonta Freeman that I can possibly flip for another WR later as I have CMC & Najee

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