Accept this Trade?

SuperFlex PPR

My team:

AB: Allen, D Jones, Ridder
RB: Ford Robinson Jr, Bigsby, Edwards, Breida, Reynolds, Kelley (yikes)
WR: Brown, Lockett, DJ Moore, Dotson
TE: Andrews

I give Andrews
I get Nico Collins and Swift

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Nah. I’d pass on that one.

I like this trade. But you’ll need to find a new TE on the waiver wire. What’s available?

Ferguson, Schultz, Kmet, Musgrave, Hurts, Hill, Conklin,

I have that COlts guy stashed on IR

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Do the trade and grab Musgrave from waivers.

I’m scared LOL.

But for as much as I don’t think Swift is the guy, Can Andrews stay healthy?

He can pop like anyone but is his 15.5 that much different than Fergies 10?

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Andrews is aging. He won’t get more healthy.

I know this doesn’t mean anything.

But Monday at 4 I dropped Eli Moore for Ford. Just had this feeling with my lack of depth I was better off handcuffing.

Same with Andrews, with his usage I just feel he might be a sell high.

I think I have decided to trade Andrews but I am going to try to go after a strong WR first. I have Brown, Lockett, DJ, Dotson now.

Probably can’t get Diggs, maybe Mike Evans. Deebo.

I pass. This is a redraft and Andrews has top value.

Thanks. I lost Chubb but am hopefully I can stay competitive.

Loaded up on backs and hoping sombbdy hits!

That’s a crazy good deal for you–a viable RB AND a viable WR for a TE?

Bank it.

Then pick up Gesicki before someone else does.