Trade away AJ Brown?

Should I trade AJ Brown for a combination of either D Johnson/Jeudy and Dillon/Stevenson? If so which WR/RB combo would you want rest of season??

I have Diggs, Brown, Juju, and Allen Robinson at WR. Swift, Pollard, Penny, Mattison at RB (yikes).

12 team half PPR

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Is this a fantasy, or a real offer?

I guess if you could get Diontae and Dillon for Brown, that would be pretty sweet, but I’m just wondering what kind of a bonobo would hit “ACCEPT” on that.

That was my thoughts. Got a real offer of Diontae/Stevenson, but wanted to get peoples takes between Diontae and Jeudy as I’ve seen them closely ranked ROS.

Other owner originally had Dillon in the deal and quickly switched to Stevenson. Going to see if I can swindle.

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Get something you want or threaten and do put him up for offers.

Welcome aboard!

I wouldn’t trade Brown for any of the names you mentioned. Brown is elite. Your roster is solid, with two elite WR’s. If anyone wants Brown, they better back up the Brinks truck to your door, and I’m not seeing that in those offers.

Try and trade Juju or ARob for Stevenson. Doesn’t always need to be a big deal!