Trade advise for Dynasty-PPR

Would you make this trade?
He offered
Derreck Henry
Alvin Kamara
Jaylen Waddle

for my
Christian McCaffrey
Joe Mixon
DK Metcalf

Any advise??

I thought about countering with
Joe Mixon
DK Metcalf

for his
Alvin Kamara
Jaylen Waddle

Would love your opinion.

Thank you.

I would not make the original trade. Henry and Kamara are getting old. We don’t know how many strong seasons they still have in them. Worst case, the answer is zero.

Both are players I would not trade for, unless I can get them with a discount. You’d pay a premium with that trade, though.

Your counter-offer looks better, but I’m still lacking the incentive in that trade. Mixon is a year younger than Kamara and plays for a team that should be very successful in the coming years. Kamara is a year older and plays for a team that’s entering a pretty big rebuild.

And don’t forget that Kamara got arrested on battery charges, and there is pretty bad evidence against him. He should be able to avoid jail time, but will very likely receive a suspension from the NFL. So he may miss a good chunk of the season, even if he does stay healthy.

Metcalf is not in the best spot this season, but his alpha receiver status should be unchallenged. Waddle has strong competition on the team now, even though that would not scare me. He might even benefit from Hill’s presence, as his team mate will probably draw the top corners.

So you’re getting a slight upgrade on WR for a bigger downgrade on RB.

I wouldn’t do it.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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Actually, it comes down to how good you think you’ll be this year. If you don’t expect to win your league this year, then it might be a good trade. Waddle will be good for years to come. How many productive years does Mixon have left? You are giving up potentially one to a few years of Mixon for one year of Henry/Kamara, in addition to a possible 10 years of Waddle.

Did I mention the dumpster fires of CMC and DK? (specifically DK’s QB situation)

Grab this deal.

Nope, sorry, gotta disagree here.

CMC - obviously, the big issue here is his injury history. He’s been injured a lot. But let’s look at the injuries in detail:

  • Sep 2020: high ankle sprain (right), missed 6 games
  • Nov 2020: shoulder sprain, missed 4 games
  • Dec 2020: thigh strain, missed 4 games
  • Sep 2021: hamstring strain, missed 5 games
  • Nov 2021: ankle sprain (left), season ending

None of these injuries looks super scary. These are injuries that happen all the time in the NFL. Sure, they happened to CMC a lot. But he never injured the same part of his body twice. And we’re talking about injuries here that take time to heal, but don’t have long-term implications, like a torn ACL or achilles would.

Of course, we don’t know if CMC can finally enjoy a healthy season, or if he will find yet another part of his body to strain or sprain. He certainly qualifies as injury-prone by now, but there is also every chance he can avoid those injuries in 2022. And we all know what CMC does when he’s on the field. Even though the Panthers should dial back on his workload, as that certainly played a role in him aggravating all those injuries.

As for DK - yeah, the Seahawks’ 2022 outlook is bleak. But with Lockett turning 30, DK is the alpha receiver on that team. And even with a lackluster QB (I still think the Hawks will sign another one), that should be a guarantee for a decent volume in a team that will play from behind a lot this year.

Will Waddle or DK rank higher in 2022? Honestly, I don’t know. DK doesn’t have a QB, and Waddle plays for a team with a lot of mouths to feed (one of them being a certain Tyreek Hill) and a QB who hasn’t exactly set the passing world on fire so far, either. Miami ranked 8th in passing attempts in 2021, but only 17th in passing yards. As a result, they were 31st in the “yards per completion” category.

If I was on the clock and both Waddle and DK were there, I’d probably grab Waddle. But I don’t see a huge difference between him and DK. Both play for teams that have issues, but Seattle’s can be fixed with a rebuild, whereas Miami’s seem to be deeply embedded into the franchise culture. No draft can fix that.

As for Derrick Henry - he missed half of last season with a pretty nasty injury. He’ll turn 29 during this season. He’s on his last legs in the NFL.

Kamara, as mentioned above, may miss a good portion of the 2022 season because of his legal issues. I was really surprised the Saints did not address the RB position during the draft. Tony Jones does have quite a bit of sleeper appeal again. Grab him before the NFL hands Kamara an 8 game suspension and the entire fantasy world realizes that the Saints only have Jones and Mark Ingram, who’s approximately 70 years old by now.

Finally, Joe Mixon: I’ll be honest, I never liked him as a fantasy asset. But he did finish the 2021 season as the RB3 in half-PPR leagues. And provided he can stay healthy, I don’t know why he shouldn’t have a similarly good season in 2022. The Bengals are clear playoff candidates, and will often lead in games. That’s great for an RB, especially if he is the unquestioned lead back. And Mixon has zero competition on the roster in Cinci.

At this stage, I’ll take Mixon over Henry or Kamara without thinking twice. And Waddle isn’t enough of an upgrade over DK to justify trading down on RB.

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Rumor has it that the Saints are interested in signing Sony Michel, who is essentially a free agent as he only has a dead contract year left in Los Angeles.

Michel silently mastered a 1,000 all-purpose-yard season last year. If the Saints sign him and Kamara gets a longer ban, this could easily repeat in 2022.

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