ROS RB's in Full PPR

I have Henry, Kamara, Breece, Stevenson & B Robinson. in a full PPR.

Should I try to trade any of them for Walker?

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Do you prefer Walker to any of your current RBs?

Welcome aboard!

Dynasty or redraft?

In dynasty, Walker has a bit more value, and I would definitely consider trading Henry for Walker, although I might also ask for a draft pick with the deal!

In redraft, it’s a bit more iffy, because Walker really doesn’t have much more value than anything you currently have. Maybe let Stevenson have a few weeks and watch for Damien Harris’s return? Once it looks like Harris is about to return, THEN make the trade for Walker. The risk with this is that Walker has a breakout during this time. Both of them are good RB’s, so you don’t really lose much either way.