Trade Advice for a Weak RB Team

My son got into his first league this year, with me and a friend from work. ESPN PPR 10 team. From his team below you will never guess who he roots for:

QB: Hurts
RB: Penny, Swift, D Harris, Jamaal Williams, Singletary,
WR: AJ Brown, Deebo, B Cooks, Hopkins, Lockett, S Moore, Osborne
TE: Goeddert
K: Gay
DST: Eagles

Three options in my opinion.

1. Drop Osborn for a waiver RB (Zeke, Tank Bigsby, Warren, Achane, Hunt)

2. Trade Lockett or Deebo?
–he tried to trade Lockett for Montgomery but owner never responded.

Two possible trades are Lockett or Deebo for B Robinson Jr or Perine.

3. Leave it alone and see how it shakes out

Thoughts most appreciated.

I’d usually strongly advise against drafting players from your favorite team, as you tend to over-value them.

With the 2023 Eagles, things could actually work out. That BYE week will be brutal, though.

The issue is indeed with the RBs. The Eagles’ RB1 is Jalen Hurts. Other than that, the only Eagles RB I’d recommend drafting is Kenny Gainwell as your team’s RB3 or 4. He’s cheap and has RB2 upside, which always is a favorable combination.

Despite just having outed myself as a KJ Osborn fanboy, I would indeed recommend to drop him here and grab an RB instead. I honestly couldn’t tell you which one, though. Probably Achane, as he might have the most upside of them all.


I am trying to balance letting him do it his way vs. helping. He drafted my himself (Dallas Goeddert 3rd round)

I told him he may want to add Gainwell and see how it shakes out for a bit.

Agree about dropping KJ

I think I’d drop Skyy before Osborn, but he’s a kid, it’s probly more important to let him experience the death or glory of his own decisions rather than to lose because of his dad’s advice (or even to be carried to victory by Axe Elf).

Have fun!

This is also true. My wife won our league her first year and I missed playoffs, LOL.

Your Philly Phanatic made his picks and I would let him alone to learn from them.

A fickle Fanboy? Say it ain’t so. :sunglasses:

Who on Earth did you pick in the first round? Hurts? That’s why your RB depth is :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes it is my son’s team, LOL.

His first three picks were Hurts, Brown, Goeddert, ha.

I would be more concerned about his first 3 rounds all going to the same bye week and if Brown is catching a ball, it means that Goedert isn’t (and vice/versa). :face_with_peeking_eye:

Kinda low-hanging fruit to pick apart a child’s first draft strategy…