Dynasty Rookie Draft

I have Kittle as my TE and I traded James Robinson for the 1.02 draft pick. Currently, I am sitting with the 1.02 and 1.06 draft picks with no second round picks. Need a RB. Either Pitts or Harris will go number 1. Given Harris goes first, should I go Pitts since there is a chance he will be so good or go Etienne? If I let Pitts go, he will not make it to me at 1.06. Neither will Etienne. Besides Barkley my other RBS consist of Gordon, Davis, and Johnson. Would Williams or Gainwell be good enough if I do go Pitts? Am I drafting them too early? Waddle will be at 1.06 if everything goes as I expect.

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Go chase and williams

You have a chance of Pitts making it to 1.06, at least in early drafts. If this is a PPR league, Etienne has some strong potential. I’d gamble on Pitts being at 1.06. If he isn’t, you’ll still have a good shot at another rb coming down to you, or even go for Ja’Marr Chase there. Trevor Lawrence is another likely option available there. As for RB, at the 6 spot you are likely looking at Williams or Michael Carter. It’s way too early for Gainwell. If you really have your eyes on Gainwell, then trade back into the second round.

By the way, always draft best player available at a spot. Consider this: Chase or Lawrence could be easily traded for a good RB later. Or a good TE, if that’s what you need.

On a side note, kudos for trading Robinson for the 1.02! Beautiful move! Robinson has all kinds of question marks coming into this season, from new coach to highly drafted RB.

I have a 16 team league
2 RBs are required to start.
If your rules are similar, grab them as needed, when you’re able…

Great work getting the 1.02 for JRob. I think he’ll still produce but nowhere near last season when he was basically the only back getting touches in Jacksonville. Etienne is definitely going to knock his value down.

As for the draft, I’m assuming you want to compete this season. I’m guessing that it’s not SuperFlex because you’d likely be taking a QB with the 1.02 in any league 12-plus teams. In a 16-team 1QB league, RBs are a top priority. I worry that if you don’t take a RB 1.02, there won’t be one at 1.06. If you want to chance it, I’d go with Chase and then hope Javonte Williams/ETN falls to 1.06. Obviously if Najee is there you take him at 1.02. If you feel you must have a RB, secure Javonte or ETN at the 1.02 and then see what happens at 1.06. If ETN/Javonte is still there? I’d take a RB there as well. Hope that helps.