Recent draft yesterday

Just had a draft yesterday…12 team ppr…keeper…my keeper was Henry…had the 10th pick

2.10. Ridley
3.3. Jefferson
4.10. Swift
5.3. A Robinson
6.10. TJ Hockenson
7.3. J. Hurts
8.10. Michael Carter
9.3. Jamaal Williams
10.10 N. Hines
11.3. Ravens D
12.10. R. Fitzpatrick
13.3. James White
14.10. G. Zuerlein

The site gave me an A…but i think its more like a B-/C+…I drafted a lot of RB late cuz i wasnt totally thrilled about swift being my rb2…

1QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX, TE, K , DST

Yeah, started out good, then kinda hit the fan.

I’ll agree with the C+.

A few too many Lions for my tastes, but I would still give it a B. Most of your gambles have strong upside. There’s some boom potential, but it could also bust too.

Well…you said ‘a few too many lions’…technically i have TWO…lol…swift is my rb2…jamaal williams is the handcuff so in reality thats one (haha)…and at the time hockenson was the best te left when i finally decided to grab one…that being said…i dont particularly care for the lions either!!! Lmao

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‘Hit the fan’? Er uh…who did you expect me to draft after lets say jalen hurts?? Its a 12 team league so im a lil puzzled as to why i hit the fan?

It had already hit the fan by then, when you selected a TE in the 6th round and a QB who probly won’t have a job in October in the 7th–but then you continued on with like three highly speculative backup RBs in a row. I usually recommend waiting until the double-digit rounds for your dart throws.

Ok…i getcha…but the reason i picked hockenson in the 6th was there wasnt any starting rbs left by that point…plus i figured since detroit doesnt really have a great set of receivers hockenson will get a lot of targets…as far as hurts goes…by OCTOBER? Their backup is Gardner minshew…unless hurts is woefully awful he isnt losing his job to minshew…i wanted Stafford but he was picked right before me…the qb that were left were ryan, tua, fields, lance, darnold, fitzpatrick, dalton, big ben, and daniel jones…🤷

Plus…there were only 13 rounds after the keeper…so in reality there would be only 2 rounds for ‘dart throws’ in the double digit rounds…considering 2 of the final 4 picks are a dst and k…pretty much anyone i picked from round 9 on would have been a dart throw…i had 3 solid wr and i wasnt thrilled about swift as rb2…which was why i picked two rb who catches passes(hines and white)…the handcuff for swift…and michael Carter who could end up being the starter for the jets

I dunno, but in my book a 52% completion rate is woefully awful for an NFL QB, especially when they keep drafting WRs highly. The writing is already on the wall–they signed Flacco and worked him extensively in preseason, they were in talks with Houston to trade for Watson, and then they did trade for Minshew. They are looking really, really hard for a legitimate QB, and by the time Minshew learns the playbook, he’ll probly get his shot.

So you passed on a guy that has finished lower than QB12 only once since 2015 (and that was when he was QB15 in 2017) and a guy who was the QB6 in the second half of his rookie season two years ago to pick a QB who probly won’t have a job in October.


The Jets will employ a pretty even four-way RBBC, to the frustration of anyone who owns any of their top 4 RBs–regardless of who is the nominal “starter.”


Please rate my draft as I don’t even feel comfortable with it.

I drafted 5th in a 12 team full-PPR. I am coming off a 3-peat and feel like I am crashing back down to Earth lol… I know I drafted A-Rod and JuJu. so early, and had some bad picks with Raheem, Deebo, and Golladay. I think what screwed me up was players still being on the board when it was my turn to draft. It was either get these guys or reach/snipe so hard. FantasyPros has me power ranked at 4th which I see but I also see like 11th place…

Started out great, with the best player in the draft, and you did some good work late (Mostert, Golladay, Stafford), but you know your team is going to look like crap when you take a TE that early.

A fundamental error that cost you a WR1 and a WR2 (and could have cost you an RB3 if you hadn’t recovered with Mostert).

And what are you doing in someone else’s thread?


Ok…since you didnt mention names im assuming the first qb u were referring to is RYAN?? And i dont know who you were referring to with the 2nd QB…who the heck cares what someone did TWO years ago? Smdh…as far as then getting FLACCO…SERIOUSLY? He couldnt even make it with the JETS…and Minshew?? well…i dont have comment on HIM…as far as the eagles drafting high on receivers…i guess you havent noticed how many injuries that team has had in the last two years…they were plentiful…

And as far as michael Carter goes…you are making it sound like i drafted him to be in my starting lineup right away…

That would be Daniel Jones, of course–who else on that list was a rookie 2 years ago?

Don’t agree with your opinion tbh but did ask for peoples opinion so I appreciate it.

  1. “…with the best player in the draft…”
  • Yeah don’t agree with that. This is full PPR not standard… Last time I checked, Henry is hardly targeted. CMC is by far the best hence why he’s getting drafted #1 overall. I had him two seasons ago and 30+ points a game was nice. If Henry can’t run 200+ yards, he doesn’t come close hence his low floor compared to CMC.
  1. “A fundamental error that cost you a WR1 and a WR2”
  • That’s a stretch. There are a lot of WRs and many of them were falling so I was hedging on that bet. Further, RBs are far more valuable and win you leagues (3-peat champ). I do agree drafting a TE early can put you in unfavorable position, however, the draft ain’t over. I still rebounded as you said I did, “you did some good work late”. Also, since when does one pick cost you two picks? Its one pick per round but I’m sure you knew that.
  1. “And what are you doing in someone else’s thread?”
  • It was posted as it related to opinions on draft results. I didn’t know you were part of the forum police so whoops. Based on your lazy D+ rating, you’re right, why am I posting here?


Receptions don’t matter so much when you rush for 2000/25. McCaffrey is the consensus #1 pick, so the odds against him finishing the season as the #1 overall performer are astronomical. Besides, he’s coming off a major injury, and if the Panthers continue to use him at that 30 points per game rate, he’ll probly be down again by October. And if they don’t–then he’s no longer the #1 RB.

Henry isn’t human. He doesn’t get hurt, and he has increased in carries, yards, and TDs in each and every single successive year of his career. He may not end up as the overall #1 performer, but with an offense that should live in the red zone, Henry has the best chance of any RB to finish the season as the #1 overall performer. Zeke is #2, with CMC coming in third.

It’s one pick per round, but when you use one of the first couple of rounds on a TE, then it pushes all your subsequent picks down one round.

So everyone who did NOT take a TE in the first four rounds has a 1st round RB1, a 2nd round RB2 (or WR1), a 3rd round WR1 (or RB2), and a 4th round WR2 (in general).

You took your TE in the 2nd, so you have a 1st round RB1, then a 3rd round RB2, and no WR1. You continued on with RBs, but even if you had gone WR in the 4th, THAT would be your WR1, compared to everyone else’s 2nd round WR1s. And even if you follow that up with a WR2 in the 5th, your WR2 is now competing with everyone else’s 4th round WR2s. So even if you hadn’t punted WR for the next three rounds after selecting a TE, your WR1, RB2, and WR3 would all be one round less than their corresponding players on other teams. Do you think you’ll make up 2-3 pts per week at all three of those positions with the 5 point per week advantage you gained with an early TE?

Good luck…

I’d have taken Ryan, Tua, Lance, or Fitzpatrick before Hurts. With Hurts, it isn’t so much that he is bad (although he has a ton of question marks), but rather the rest of the team is. For example, you look at what the Dolphins did with Tua during the offseason, getting him a lot more supporting parts to help him. I think the Eagles could have done a lot more than they did to help Hurts.

Ok…but the giants o line is still crap…

Ryan maybe…tua? Ehhhh…lance?? As my qb1 why would i take lance when garoppolo is currently the starter? 🤦

And i HAVE Fitzpatrick…