Top Landing Spots for NFL Trade Candidates

Surprised to see Jeudy on the block and Da Bears mentioned for Henry and Ekeler.

Ed and Zak may be in for some rethinking.

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The only places Jeudy could be traded to that would cause me concern would be the Panthers and Houston. Admittedly, he’d be an instant alpha there, but can he handle that role? Plus, how good would he be with a rookie QB?

You guys have some stuff going on which is interesting. So far, I have Swift causing me to think of what is best to do with him.

I can keep him and drop his cost to a 5th after keepers or move him at a reduced value for now and save the 5th in our draft.

The problem with keeping Jeudy would be who to drop? I already have solid WR’s in Davante Adams and Garrett Wilson. Jeudy can’t unseat either of them.

The only other possibility would be dropping TE Isaiah Likely. But Likely only cost me a 15th rounder, whereas Jeudy was a 10th rounder. While Jeudy was a good deal, Likely was a better deal, IMO. Since I don’t technically need either player, it only makes sense to keep the one who doesn’t cost as much.

Also, considering I plan on keeping Kyle Pitts at TE, I will still need a solid backup, and Likely works as well as anyone. Plus I like having Likely stashed.

Finally, WR’s are a dime a dozen. Replacing Jeudy is far easier than replacing most positions.

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Yeah, I am seeing Likely moving up and there are going to be 4-5 WR around the same talent level as Jeudy available in our draft.

Thing is they look better than the rookie WR in this draft.