The Jerry Jeudy Trade

So what does this trade mean for fantasy managers and football fans?

For Denver fans, as if tossing Russell Wilson overboard isn’t enough, getting rid of Jeudy signals a complete rebuild. Who could be next? Javante Williams? Courtland Sutton? Pat Surtain? Don’t feel safe until this finishes shaking out.

For Cleveland, this is make or break time for Deshaun Watson. He has a nice corps of WR’s with Jeudy, Amari Cooper, and Elijah Moore. So why don’t I trust the Browns to develop a passing game? HC Kevin Stefanski. He has shown over the years that he doesn’t know how to coach a passing game. Exhibit A: Baker Mayfield. Now I’m not saying Mayfield has ever been great, but he’s had his best seasons in LA and Tampa Bay. Stefanski is a run-first coach. Nothing wrong with that, just don’t expect a Mahomes-like season from Watson, or anything spectacular from his WR’s.

For fantasy purposes, I can’t predict winners from this deal, but let’s consider the range of possibilities. Let’s say the problem in Denver was Russell Wilson, and Jeudy just was never able to truly show what he can do? MAYBE Deshaun Watson can be a solution? MAYBE Watson can at least bring 0ut the best in Jeudy?

Fantasy losers in this deal are much easier to find: The entire Denver Broncos team. Unless they manage to find the next CJ Stroud, I expect this year to be painful for them. On the other hand, Courtland Sutton could end up being the only winner in this trade, as he might be the only decent WR in Denver. But can he handle that much attention for an entire season? Not seeing it.

Time for Devil’s Advocate: Where was a better landing spot for Jeudy? Hello Kansas City. He’d have been an upgrade over their current WR’s. Buffalo would be intriguing, especially with Stefon Diggs getting older. The New York Giants could use somebody like Jeudy, if they only had a QB. He’d make an awesome #2 WR in Atlanta with Kirk Cousins there. How about Carolina? Instant upgrade to that WR corps!

Overall, this was a long-term good deal for Denver, but this year will be rough. As for Cleveland, they keep attacking the wrong problem. It’s Stefansky stupid!

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