My latest trade: Edwards/Jeudy for Watson

In one of my keeper leagues, I gave up WR Jerry Jeudy and RB Gus Edwards in exchange for WR Christian Watson.

I already have plenty of RB’s, and Edwards was a waiver pickup. I didn’t need him. Also, his injury history is concerning.

Jeudy is a talent I just don’t trust as long as Russell Wilson is under center.

On the other hand, Watson is a 2nd year WR who looks ready to take the next step, once he gets over his hammy. From what I saw from Jordan Love last week, he looks ready to replace Aaron Rodgers in the Packers offense.

I see Watson as a step up from Jeudy, in a much better Packers offense. Edwards is a small sacrifice.

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A very even trade. I like both WRs but would give you an edge IF Watson is over the hammy. I hate this injury, think it’s over and back again. We are seeing many of them.

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I like the trade a lot, and not because I’m a Cheesehead. I’d take Watson over Jeudy any day, and Gus is not a player I’d hesitate to trade away.

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