Looking for Trade Value for Josh Jacobs

I have Najee, Jacobs, CEH, Edmunds, and Mostert. I don’t understand the trade value chart(s). Is Jacobs worth a top one or two Tier receiver? All of my receivers are out of the top 5 tiers with Chase Claypool at the top.

I assume you are looking at the dynasty trade value chart? Fantasy Football Rankings: Dynasty Trade Value Chart (August 2021 Update) | FantasyPros

It shows Jacobs with a trade value of 34, which equates him to D.J. Chark, nowhere near the first 2 tiers of WR. You would need to trade CEH to get near the first two tiers, as he equates to roughly Jamarr Chase or Ceedee Lamb. You would have to package Jacobs, Edmunds, and Mostert to get Davante Adams (and I’m not sure anyone would do that deal, even with the comparable trade value).

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It’s not a good time to trade Jacobs away. I have him in my main league, and will hang on to him. I don’t expect the arrival of Kenyan Drake to impact his fantasy quite as badly as some seem to think. Dropped him back from low-end RB1 to middling RB2 in my rankings.

But potential trade partners will expect the worst, and rank him based on a 50-50 timeshare, which would indeed relegate him into RB3 territory.

The Dynasty Trade Value Chart edmcgon linked is indeed the tool you need to evaluate such trades.

But don’t trade a stud away for several middling players. If you’d trade 1 player with a dynasty value of 60 for 3 players with a dynasty value of 20 each, you’d probably have made a bad trade, even though in theory, the trade is balanced.


THANK YOU. I’ve found the trade charts to be confusing, but I think you answered twenty more questions I have in one paragraph. Very Helpful. I’ll take a look at this information and try to connect some dots at the actual chart again. Thank you!

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Awesome!! You and Ed have been super helpful and insightful. I don’t want to trade him, but I need a receiver REALLY bad. lol I’ll hold onto him for now. I heard that once the season starts he may be more valuable too. I’ll find that out soon I hope. Thank you.

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You can always test the waters with CEH, Edmonds or Mostert. Especially Mostert is still a very popular choice with some owners. Don’t ask me why…

Look for WR you’d like, then reach out to their owner and ask them which of your RB (minus Harris) they would trade them for. Ideally, if you have a team that has 3-4 top 20 WRs, but is short-stacked on RB, you can carve out a favorable deal.

Also, it may be a good time to reach out to the owner of Ja’Marr chase. There have been reports that Chase is struggling in training camp. I wouldn’t read too much into that, but if you’re lucky, the owner will panic and trade him below value.

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That’s awesome Zak. Thanks. Ja’Marr went #1 in our rookie draft to a team that has Barkely, Conner, James White, Damien Harris, and Jonathan Taylor. On a side note, I went back to the trade value chart and understood it based on your reply. So, thank you for that too.

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