Top Available advice is terrible

Just curious why the “Top Available” recommendations are so terrible.

For example, the top RB recommendation for me is David Johnson (Houston). Looking at the available players, Johnson is fourth in terms of points, and has a terrible outlook.

It’s based on ECR, which is a lagging indicator. It can take several days (or longer) for experts to update their rankings.

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Just curious, who are the three ahead of him?

It has changed since I posted, as several people were making bench changes last night. The current three showing higher than DJohnson are: James White, Gio Bernard, and Kyle Juszczyk. Sorting by Projected Stats (remaining season), there are 5 in front of Johnson (White, Cohen, Johnson, Hyde, and Bernard).

I was mainly just curious how they came up with the recommendations.

I had followed recommendations for start/sit this week, and it caused me some pain. Before accepting the recommendations, For example, I was planning to start Hines (18.9 points) over Davis (11 points) but accepted the recommendation to start Davis instead.

Sadly, Johnson may be the best of that sorry lot. That’s only a recommendation if all your RB’s are injured and you need one desperately for this week. If White were healthy, I’d rate him higher, but not by much.