FantasyPros starting lineups bad recommendations

So has anyone else been getting screwed by their starting lineup recommendations? I’ve had at least 3 changes I’ve made with their help prevent me from winning over the past month. Would have won if I had stuck with my selection(s) instead. Seems their experts aren’t so expert in reality. Questioning whether to even use their site next year now.

ECR is based on average values from dozens of different experts. Meaning it includes experts who completely miss their targets more often than not.

If you think there is a site that offers 100% foolproof fantasy advice, then good luck with your search. There have been a lot of upsets recently. And you cannot predict upsets. If you could, they wouldn’t be upsets.

I do not use the “auto” features at all. What I really appreciate with FantasyPros is the formats that do not just provide recommendations, but provide some reasoning. I don’t care if you recommend starting player X or Y. I’m interested in why.

The Primer is a fantastic format for that. My only beef is that the “My Primer” feature only covers my current starters. It should cover my bench players, too (and while I’m not 100% sure, I think it did in the past).

If you expect FantasyPros (or any other site) to give you perfect lineups just with a click on the button, you’re doing it wrong. That’s like the endless stream of “start X or Y?” comments you find all across the web. You won’t become a good fantasy manager by asking for random advice from complete strangers without providing any background information.

TL;DR: I feel that FantasyPros helped me become a better fantasy manager. Yet I never use(d) the lineup recommendation.

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Yeah, I usually use it as a complimentary option, nothing usually set in stone. Hell, it was telling me to start Kyler Murray up until gametime when he was officially declared out, yet their videos and other web pages were saying he was not going to play in all likelyhood. Maybe the browser extension needs some work.

And twice now it told me to sit Myles Gaskin for another RB, and against my better judgement I went with the change at the last minute (I don’t use the auto feature either). Also said to sit Aiyuk this week over Renfrow, even though I was feeling Aiyuk is on an upward trend and Renfrow has flattened out a bit recently. It would have cost me the win, but I got lucky with the Mike Williams TD catch last night to put me ahead for good. The other guy had 3 guaranteed zeroes (byes and innactives/IR) even though he just added a player the day before, so I was bitching and moaning all day lol. Glad I streamed Cam Newton too for that league.

But, it is what it is. I’m not upset, just curious if anyone has seen familiar things like what I seem to have been encountering with their recommendations more than usual the past 6 weeks.

Thanks for the reply and best of luck in your choices. :slight_smile:

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ECR-based tools are not suitable for determining the game-time status. Most experts will update their rankings once a week. If a player is ruled out, they will not necessarily update their rankings.

Myles Gaskin a shaky start this season. You start him, and he posts a dud. You sit him, and he goes through the roof. Problem is, his performances are pretty random, they don’t relate to expected game scripts

I’m afraid there is no person out there who can reliably tell you when to start and when to sit Gaskin.

Same goes for Aiyuk. He’s trending up, but he does not put up reliable numbers.

You can start these players if you trail in projections. They do provide upside, and if that is what you need in a given week, you start them and hope for the best. But if you’re ahead in projections, I’d always prefer players who provide a safer floor.

Both players can be in the top 10 on their position in any given week - or drop outside the top 50. If there is a safe way to predict in which way the pendulum will swing, I haven’t discovered it yet.

If 10 experts say Gaskin will be RB10, and 10 others have him at RB50, then ECR will have him at RB30. If you bench him because you have 2-3 better RBs, and he finishes the week as RB10, you will curse ECR for having benched him. If you start him, and he finishes as RB50, you will curse ECR for having started him. Still, in both scenarios, 50% of the experts had projected him correctly.

Good to know that. Like I said, I try to use it as a guide mostly. I’ve got a better gut instinct I think though for a lot of decisions.

He isn’t one of my main starters, never was. Just was a toss in on byes and injuries. The league with Gaskin I have Ekeler as my RB1 and had M. Sanders before I cut him once he got hurt. Now have Ekeler, M. Carter, Gaskin, McKissic and J. Wilson. I’m stacked WR in this PPR league with Adams, Cupp, Chase and Jeudy though. Herbert/Burrow for QBs. Kittle/Knox for TEs. Doing well at 7-4 after starting 3-3. Would have won this week with Gaskin in the lineup instead of Wilson - my original setup.

Well, thanks for the ECR info anyways. :slight_smile:

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I leave auto on just in case I get tied up at work (no cell phones) and miss final picks or someone in Q did not start. But when I have a lineup in mind that I want to make sure I turn it off. Have 10 teams, 3 undefeated and only 2 under .500. Been here 5 years bit.

Like call me stupid waiting till KO but Cam over stafford. Being a lions fan I know GB will have his number and he will choke. But we’ll see how it goes. Got auto start off becasue it wants ma$$y.