Sony Michel is on the waiver wire

Should I pick him up? Ppr league and my RB’s are Bark, Mixon, Gus, Harris and White.

White and Michel are probably approximately interchangeable for PPR, given their current situations. I’d lean White since he’s likely to have a fairly steady role every week and he’s less of an injury risk. The only reason to go with Michel is if you think he’ll somehow take over as lead back in LA, but barring injury there’s no evidence that’s anybody’s plan at this point.

If you have to start six RBs, it might be a good idea, because right now you only have five.

If Michael Carter is not on the waivers then I would pick him up. Its hard to say since we don’t know what WR’s or other rbs are on the board and how many spots you need to plug and play.

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