Top 10 RB Swap?

I am currently in 1st place (5-1) of a 12 team non ppr league. Only issue is I’m the 4th lowest scoring team

Should I trade Kamara, DHJ, and Sony for Zeke, Ekeler, and Pollard?

With Zeke, Ekeler, and Pollard all on bye, I would most certainly lose this week and I would also most likely become the lowest scoring team in the league. We do allow 8 of the 12 teams into the playoffs, so I feel like taking an L this week may be worth it.

Fantasy pros community…what do y’all think?

I like what you’re getting there. I am personally against picking your roster with bye weeks in mind, and you take your chances on a loss or two for a superior overall roster that can go the distance. I’d make that trade.

I would also make that trade. I feel like Kamara will be streaky with Winston. Eckler will continue to put up numbers and you will be able to handcuff the Dallas back field. So take the trade if you can!

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Agree with the others here. Take the superior Zeke/Ekeler/Pollard group.