Help with Ekeler Trade Offer

10 Team - Full PPR - 3wr/2rb/1flx
Each team is allowed 2 keepers (regardless of round drafted) for next year.
My team is just crawling into the playoffs but I don’t think I can compete with the super teams that are being created by the top teams giving away draft picks.

Should I trade away Austin Ekeler and C. Patterson for a 1st round and 2nd round pick next year in addition to T. Pollard and Jameson Williams?

Alternatively I could just hold Ekeler with then intention of keeping him and Swift for next year.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My Team:
QB: K. Murray
RB: A. Ekeler, D Swift, C Edmonds, D Foreman, M Gordon, G Edwards, S Michel, C Patterson (IR)
WR: M Pittman, DJ Moore, R Moore, M Thomas, R Woods, B Aiyuk, I McKenzie, J Dotson (IR)
TE: E Engram, R Tonyan

You probably won’t win your league with that roster. No offense, I have worse teams myself, but that roster just does not scream “championship” to me.

So yeah, I would take the extra draft capital for next year. Ekeler is nearing the age cliff for RBs, and while he’s playing another monster season so far, I wouldn’t bet on him repeating that once more. (Disclaimer: I said the same before this season already…)

I would keep Swift and Pittman, or Jameson Williams if you will acquire him.


Agree, this is a rebuild time roster.

Thanks guys. Agreed that this roster didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped unfortunately. Definitely a rebuild but would it be better to keep Ekeler or get those two early round picks? (keeping in mind a lot of guys likely keeping many of the first two round players next year with 2 keepers each per league)

I would put Ekeler out there for bid. Teams are close to a playoff run and should offer you more than you are now looking for.