Should I trade for Barkley or Mixon?

Guy in my league is 1-3 and looking for a move. He is asking for Kamara for Barkley but he has Mixon on his bench so I could likely get him in stead. Here is my current roster

Derrick Henry (just got him in a trade for Brian Robinson)
Tony Pollard
Breece Ball
Tyreek Hill
Chris Olave
Jake Ferguson
Jake Moody
Lions D

CJ Stroud
Jahmyr Gibbs
Calvin Ridley
Romeo Doubs
Zay Flowers
Saints D.


I would offer the Saints D for Barkley.

Good luck!

Lol, u don’t think Barkley will have value once he returns? I obviously can sit and wait. There is also the chance he gets traded and is on a better team in a month.

I posed the question about Mixon Because he is on a lot of buy low write ups I’ve seen but I have questions about that offense. With burrow hurt and Higgins out they can easily double chase and stack the box vs Mixon.

Morning Ryan, small world. Barkley would be my choice. Kamara is not getting 13 passes weekly and Cinci is a mess right now.

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I think Barkley will have a great deal of value, and a lot more value than the Saints D. Isn’t that the point of trading, to improve your team?

Of course but I think we both know that no one is trading their first round pick, despite being injured, for a defense other than maybe the Cowboys.

Maybe I should have said, realistic trade offer.

Thanks Joe. I’m leaning that way as well. I have the luxury of letting him sit until healthy or traded. My only hesitation would be that the giants offense is pretty bad at the moment and their schedule is rough.

You don’t ask if there is an easy answer and there is none. Just my view. Best.

Nobody knows what the other owners in your league consider to be realistic but them, so you may be axing the wrong people.