5th overall pick, non-PPR

Hey all,

I’ve been going back and forth with this and can’t seem to settle. It’s a 12 team, non-PPR league where I’ll be picking 5th. Realistically, I think I’ll be deciding between Kamara, Zeke, and Chubb. I’ve been leaning towards Chubb because the lack of receptions doesn’t hurt him that bad, the running game is the focus in Cleveland, and his strength of schedule is by far the best. I’m a bit worried there could be too many mouths to feed in Dallas, and Kamara’s QB situation is giving me pause. Who would you take of the three? Or would you take someone else?

Having the 2nd-best chance of any RB to finish the season as the #1 overall RB, I would take Zeke if given the chance.

(And of course only if the guy with the BEST chance–Henry–is already gone.)

For me it’s Zeke/ Kamara. Both have tremendous OLines. Both can catch and are threats in the Redzone. Payton will get the most out of his QB in NO. I wouldn’t worry about too many mouths in Dallas.

Bigger issue is round 2/3. RB dead zone is approaching mid round 3. CEH as a #2 would be nice, but he’s now hurt.

Gibson/ Ekeler/ Najee and J Taylor are all long gone…

Don’t trust Mixion/ Dobbins/ Montgomery there.

Carson/ Sanders/ Swift are all reaches in round 2 IMO

Going WR in 2 isn’t bad if you get Hopkins/ Ridley. As long as 1 of those 6 RBs above is still there.

Kamara? CEH? Ekeler?? In non-PPR??? You realize that Ekeler has a career high of 3 rushing TDs in a season, don’t you?

If you can get Zeke or Henry at #5 it’s highway robbery, but you should at least be able to land Aaron Jones. I would probly be happy with Mixon in the 2nd, if, as you say, Najee and Taylor weren’t options. I mean, I don’t know your league specifically, but I’m still seeing drafts where Najee isn’t scooped up early and where Taylor is falling to a more appropriate RB2 ADP, so you never know.

I agree that Carson would be a reach at that point, but at 3.5 he would make it a lot easier to take a WR in the 2nd.

Thanks for reminding me of Ekeler’s rushing prowess sir.

Our scoring is combined yards with bonuses @ 100 & 200 total yards. So RBs that are dual threats still score like PPR without awarding a full point for losing yards on screen passes & adding value to guys who catch 10 balls a game for 9 yards. 100 yards is 15 points, so that’s why Kamara is still a stud in this format. Everything else mirrors standard.

I have zero faith in Mixion in rd 2. Same with Montgomery & Dobbins. CEH, in this format, is solid as RB 2, but he’s hurt.

Carson @ 3.05 is ideal scenario.