Which moves should I make?

Hey guys,

My team has started the year pretty well, I’m sitting 4-2 but am 2nd in points scored (1 bad week screwed me).

Here is my team (3WR, W/R/T flex, 0.5ppr)
QB: Stafford
RB: Zeke, Carson, Mitchell, Penney, Collins
WR: Hill, Kupp, Cooks, Pittman, Juedy, Aiyuk, Crowder
TE: Knox, Cook

I am thinking of making a few moves.
The first is trying to trade for Miles Sanders and/or Michael Carter. Think it could be good to try and build some RB depth. The sanders owner is weak at TE and I reckon he’d possibly do Knox for Sanders straight up. I’m content with starting Cook the rest of the way
I wanted to trade Mitchell in the next week or so to try and get a solid RB2 because I worry about Jeff Wilson’s return eating into his workload.
I am also thinking of offloading cooks soon incase he gets dealt at the deadline, also because Juedy is back soon.

Any thoughts on what I could potentially try and do?


Actually, I’d try and trade the Seattle RB’s. You are way too invested in one offense. Having three players for one position is too much.

I wouldn’t worry about Mitchell and Wilson. I would worry about being invested in ANY 49er RB. that team’s propensity for RBBC is an RB killer.

I wouldn’t worry about Cooks. Nearly any place he goes will be better for him than Houston!