Three keepers, Najee, Deebo and?

Have three keepers to select.

Deebo and Najee Harris locked in.

Should I keep Lamar? Or go JK Dobbins?

Eli Mitchell is the only other player worth mentioning on my roster

Appreciate any feedback

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actually should point out that I have Mike Williams as well

You should also point out the cost of each keeper and the picks you have. -)

Welcome aboard!

I’d go with Lamar in those options.

Never keep a QB, K, or D.

I’d keep Dobbins, as solid RBs are more scarce than solid WRs.

Probably Dobbins due to RB scarcity, but I LOVE Mike Williams this year. I could see him as a sleeper to be top 12. He just got paid too so you know they’re going to use him.

Not knowing the scoring format or anything, what are your reasonable expectations about who will be available when your opponents do their drops? Do you expect there to be some good RB2 choices (and/or QB choices) when you pick the first few rounds? Is it full PPR and folks keep a lot of receivers? Does everybody in your league keep a QB? Are there other things you know about your league that could help make the decision?

These kinds of things can change the choices for you, but we have no way to know them…