Keeper Dilemma Zeke or Dobbins

I need to choose 3 keepers with round penalties in a 10 team PPR. I currently have:

Zeke - 1st rd

AJ Brown

  • 6th rd


  • 7th rd

Instead of keeping Zeke for a 1st, I can keep Dobbins as a 5th.

In the current setup where keepers are kept, I still have the #4 overall pick since a lot of people kept 1st rounders and my first pick(#4) is the 2nd pick of the 2nd round.

The top 6 players on the board will be :N.Harris, Ekeler, J.Taylor, A.Jones, CEH, Kelce

If I was to drop Zeke, I would then have the #3 and #5 overall picks and would get 2 of those 3 players.

So I could have:

Zeke, AJ Brown, Diggs + 1 of those guys


Dobbins, ​​​​​​​AJ Brown, Diggs + 2 of those guys. I would imagine that Kelce would be one of them as the other teams all need RB’s.

What do you think would be the best option?

Tough call, but two of those top 3 picks is too rich to ignore. Keep Dobbins, and grab Najee first, then try for either Ekeler or Kelce, whichever falls to you.

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I’m certain that Najee is going #1. The guy usually chooses youth. If he fell to #3, I’d be all over it and then could probably get Kelce 2 picks later. The guy picking behind me is keeping ZERO players and I can’t see him passing on any of those RB’s in favor of Kelce with nobody else on his roster.