Two Keeper League, 10 team league

We get to keep 2 keepers, it’s a PPR league 1 point per reception, which 2 players would you keep?
Josh Allen QB
Saquon Barkley RB
Alvin Kamara RB
Deebo Samuel WR
Kyle Pitts TE

Looks like other teams are keeping Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and Aaron Rodgers

Josh Allen, no questions asked.

But then it gets more difficult.

If you expect Kamara to not receive a suspension this season anymore, keep him. But keep in mind there still is a chance he may not be available for the fantasy playoffs.

Saquon is an option, but don’t buy into the hype train. He’s a mid- to high-end fantasy RB2, not more.

Deebo will struggle to remain in WR1 territory, and if at all, he will be a low-end WR1. Lance will take away all his rushing volume (including the TDs). Plus, he’s showing some chemistry with Aiyuk in TC. Don’t keep Deebo.

And Pitts is a very good TE. The question is, do you want to spend a keeper slot on a TE? In redraft, Pitts is a top 6 option, but not necessarily top 3. I really like Pitts, but wouldn’t recommend to keep him.

Good luck!

The reason to keep Pitts is simple: Top 6 option with top 1 upside. And he will have top 1 upside for quite a few years to come.

Josh Allen is the only other one without any question marks.

Allen and Pitts are young top guys at positions which are rare and a PITA to fill.
No doubt for me.

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With only two keepers, it’s not like you really have to think long term, and while it’s tempting to keep the #1-rated QB, Josh Allen is still a QB. You wouldn’t keep a defense just because it’s the #1-rated DST would you?

I’m keeping Barkley and Deebo.