Three Keepers for next year

Only keep three… Who would you keep?

Way too early question. :slight_smile:

I can’t see the page? :frowning:

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Same here. We are not allowed to access the team. You will have to give us more info.

Sorry here you go.

QBs Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence
RBs D’Andre Swift, Jonathan Taylor, Breece Hall
WRs DK Metcalf, Christian Watson, Treylon Burks
TEs Dalton Shultz, Kyle Pitts


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None of those guys is really a surprise to me. On most teams, they are keepers, depending on the number of keepers allowed, as well as the rest of the roster makeup.

JT and Breece Hall are no-brainers.

As for the third keeper, you have various options. If this is an SFLEX league, it’s gotta be one of the QBs. Both are neck to neck for me. Fields offers the higher upside, T-Law could be the safer option.

In a 1QB league, Metcalf would be another option. You might even want to consider Pitts. I do expect him to bounce back, though it remains to be seen if he can be a difference maker on TE next year already. Depends on who his QB will be. So it may be a bit risky to invest 1 of only 3 keeper slots in him.

The rest are no candidates for me. Swift is too risky overall. Watson and Burks have unclear QB situations. And for Schultz, it’s not even sure if he will stay with the Cowboys.

Good luck!

You do not have a third top keeper. I would project what other teams will do to see which position is most likely going to be most difficult for you to fill and that would be my choice. I will take a blind guess to say TE and then Pitts.

Also important to know the cost of keeping these players.

With everything happening with Breece and Taylor, How would you react with my three keepers.