3 Keepers .5ppr 10 team

Get to keep 3 players for 1 season. .5ppr 10 team league options:

Pittman in the 12th
DJ Moore in the 5th
AJ Dillon in the 13th
Burrow in the 14th

Feel like the two options IMO are
Pittman, Dillon, Burrow
Pittman, Moore, Burrow

One of them is a QB, so that makes it easy.

(You never keep a QB in a 10 team, single-QB league.)

I have to agree with the lawn gnome on this one. Drop Burrow. Pittman is a young stud WR, Moore is solid, and Dillon is an up-and-coming RB who may get the larger split in Green Bay’s RBBC.