Rank the Keepers

I can keep three.

Trey Lance
Jonathan Taylor
Javonte Williams
DJ Moore
A.J. Brown
T.J. Hockenson
D’Andre Swift
Nick Chubb
DeVonta Smith
Brandon Aiyuk
Justin Fields
Deshaun Watson
Kadarius Toney
Rhamondre Stevenson
Trey Sermon

1 PT ppR, 14 team league

You did ok last year, although a bit heavy on rookies.

Jonathan Taylor, Javonte Williams, and Nick Chubb (in case Williams is stuck in an RBBC next year). Then you can concentrate on the rest of your lineup.

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I agree. You can consider keeping Swift over Chubb. But in a league with only 3 keepers, Chubb may be the better approach.

None of the other players screams “keep me”. You should easily get similar or better players in the draft, especially if you can conveniently ignore the RB position.


I’d say swift in a PPR but I think it’s close in a 3 keeper league. Gotta keep Taylor and Williams

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How does Watson going to Cleveland affect your belief in Chubb and Watson?

I am leading on Swift, Javonte, and Williams with trying to trade Chubb and Watson.

I assume you meant Taylor instead of Williams, since you already said Javonte?

That said, I might lean more towards Swift now, after the Watson trade. Your idea to trade Chubb and Watson is solid. They might be ok this year, but Watson’s contract will soak up a lot of Cleveland’s cap space in coming years.

Yep, meant Taylor. I wonder how much value Chubb and Watson would carry.

1 PPR, 6 PT TD 14 Team League

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