Dynasty Keeper League - RB’s or WR

Looking for some suggestions for Keepers for a Dynasty League I’m in. We Keep 1 player from each position, 1 Rookie, and 2 of our choice. My Keepers right now are:

QB Josh Allen
WR Davante Adams
RB Cam Akers
TE Pat Friermuth
Rookie Rashad Bateman
Other - Michael Pittman
Other - Courtland Sutton

The remaining players I have the best is Robert Woods.

I traded most of my good players last season for picks and have picks 5, 8, 15, 17, 20, 25, 29, 31, 32, 33, 41, & 44. My last pick is in the 4th round and it’s a 12 round redraft of non keepers and rookies.

Wondering if I should trade some of my picks for a RB (likely available for trade are Fournette or Dillon) or keep my picks and draft RB’s (likely Sanders, CEH, Hunt, D. Harris) and keep a strong WR core. Would have to drop Sutton or Pittman if trading for an RB. There should be a few non keeper WR available in draft (possibly K. Allen, Godwin, A. Cooper, Hollywood, Elijah Moore.)

The league members tend to keep RB’s and draft RB’s early so RB’s tend to cost more in trades.

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I like all your keepers. Would definitely keep Pittman and Sutton over Woods.

Josh Allen will compete with Brady, Herbert and Lamar Jackson for the QB#1 title.

Davante Adams will regress a little, but not much. I have him as WR#7 at the moment.

Akers carries some risk, but also tremendous upside. I have him as RB#15, and if he can stay healthy, that may be too low.

Freiermuth may (or may not) regress a little this year. But his prime is still to come. A definite keeper for me, I have him in all my dynasty leagues.

Bateman could be in for a very strong season. I have him as WR#16, which is 13 spots above his ADP.

Same for Pittman, whom I already have in one league, and try to trade for him everywhere else. He came out as WR#4 in my early rankings. That may be a tad too high, but the top 10 upside is definitely there.

Sutton a bit trickier to project, as we don’t know yet what that offense will look like. I have Jeudy as the #1 target in Denver, which leaves Sutton at WR#34. But his upside is a lot higher. Definitely worth keeping him.

As for the RBs - if you can get Fournette cheap, it’s worth a gamble. If he stays healthy, he can easily have another top 5 season. Dillon is a lot riskier. Aaron Jones will be the pass catching back, and I don’t know if there will be enough volume for Dillon to enter the RB2 range.

If you want to draft RB upside, look for Ken Walker. While there is no guarantee that he will be the lead back, he does have high-end RB2 upside if things work out right for him.

Tony Pollard is also an interesting option. I’d take him over Dillon any day.

Nyheim Hines is an interesting later-round flier. He could see quite a bit of passing work this year, which could elevate him into RB3/FLEX territory.

And the number one risk/reward RB this year is Travis Etienne. He is unproven and could be a bust, but his upside is top 10.

Good luck!

Thanks for the insight Zak. I was leaning towards sticking with the keepers I have and drafting RB’s. If Walker drops to me at #5 then I would likely pick him. But will likely use #5 on the best rookie WR available (usually in our non keeper/rookie draft, rookies are everyone’s first picks.) and at #8 draft the best non keeper available (I am thinking it will likely be K. Allen or C. Godwin). Then draft RB’s with my 3 2nd round picks. (Depending how the draft falls) Will likely draft another TE and platoon them with Friermuth (Schultz or Geodert (one manager has both so 1 is getting dropped)).

I like Tony Pollard too. Would probably draft him with 1 of my 3 2nd Rounders.

Could possibly draft some good WR’s and use them in trades to get RB’s.

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