This is so stupid

Jesus I hate this crap.
For some lame ass reason you have to play twice in these playoffs. I won. Basically. I was up by 1/10 of a point. With only my defense to play.

It’s my karma. And to add to the insult. I dropped the rams D last night and picked up Denver. Why??? I have no clue.


Dude… I don’t even know what to say. That’s gotta be the most brutal elimination I’ve ever seen. :no_mouth:


Hahahaa. It was rough. My wife had to have the talk with me about my mental stability. But at least it was in a league that I have no reason to stay in. Time to cut the fat on these things.


Duuude!!! Thats super rough!! If that’s all u have is a defense… can’t risk negative… take them out and u win!!! It’s strategy that works!!


What’s with the Dude becoming popular all of a sudden?

I did a thread on this a couple year’s ago as that name is offensive on South Beach but means friend, bud in other parts of the country.

As a little kid loving westerns, dude was a “city slicker” cowboys did not like and I had to agree. Fast forward. Wayne’s World and The Big Lobowski shows a “dude” as a lazy someone who was stoned all the time. Not a compliment.

Define it where you are and why?