My Worst Fantasy Weekend

I lost all three games in my leagues but it gets much worse. In our keeper leagues one loss was to fellow poster Zak and the other to fellow poster Ed.
Oh the shame, I may have to take a week off. :angry:

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You already took Monday night off, and see what happened? :rofl:

Well if you’re lucky the vandals will make this weekend just as bad. Hahahaa. There’s the trash talk and I’ll probably loose because of it now.

Ed’s plan was to win when Bijan got a headache and ZERO points.

The redraft plan was for me to have 4 starters on bye.

What’s yours?

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Hahahaa. That week 13 is going to suck!!! But they will be rested and ready week 14 for playoffs.

SMH, If you are going to make a kinda attempt at trash talk at least know the game you’re talking about. Pay attention, we play this week. lol

hides the prune juice he slipped to Bijan

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