This should be fun

So I’ve had it with the league I’m a commissioner in. The league has been active for about 4 years and every year there’s some issue. People just Bitch and complain about so many petty things. So I decided I had enough. I opened the gates and let everyone into the playoffs. The top 5 had byes last week and the rest played to get in. Hahahaa. Both top seeds may get knocked off this week by the 10th and 11th place teams. The whole thing is a mess. They’re a nice little payout too for 1st -3rd. I was already in the playoffs so I didn’t do it to give myself a chance. I did it to piss people off. The kicker. Finals week 18!!! This is the best payback. This is the last year I’m running this league. It’s been fun but what a pain in the ass.

I’ve heard rumors about this kinda stuff happening.

The format is pretty interesting. I’m not a fan of playing week 18. But it adds another wrinkle. I’ve talked about it with some friends and they feel the season has no meaning. But the top seeds are still playing for a bye week while the others fight to get into the tournament.

The best response to playoffs in week 18 came from the CBS Fantasy trio. On their TV show someone wrote in asking their thoughts on playing fantasy in week 18. The replies:

I think you should get a new commissioner.
2. get a new league
3. Dumbest idea ever.

Any injury is not playing, playoff stars are being rested, bad teams are giving young guys a chance, etc. Playing week 17 is tuff enough.

Oh I’m in complete agreement. Hahahaa. It’s totally sucks. But these guys wanted to complain about something and they definitely got it.

You should know what I would tell them as in GFY NOT meaning Good For You. :sunglasses:

The tail does not wag the dog.