The Texans lose the 1.01

… and it doesn’t really matter all that much.

The Bears will go for a defensive player, as they don’t need a new QB. The Texans do, however, and will still have the full selection at their disposal. Unless the Bears are ready to trade back a few spots, and the Seahawks, Colts, Falcons or Panthers trade up to snatch the top QB away from the Texans. But I don’t think that’s very likely.

Still, respect for the Texans. They played hard in recent weeks.

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I’m thinking we will see a trade up. Atlanta (London) sounds great to me.

Unlikely. Convincing the Bears to trade 7 spots back would cost the Falcons dearly. And they have plenty of holes on their roster, so it’s not like they can afford to trade multiple picks away.

Also, there are 4 teams that are likely to go D in between the Bears and the Falcons (Seahawks, Cardinals, Lions, Raiders). The Bears would be ill advised to miss out on 4 potential candidates.

No need to rain on my parade at this time. lol

Honestly, until Davis Mills plays for a real offensive-minded coach, we won’t know how good he can be. The guy has amazing mechanics. He just needs a good HC or OC who can teach him the game. I’d love to see Eric Bienemy there. (Why hasn’t he been promoted to HC yet? Tell me NFL?)

The problem with the Texans isn’t QB. It’s their WR’s. After Brandin Cooks, that WR corps is as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cubbard. And Cooks ain’t getting any younger. Even if they get Metchie back this year, he’s still an unknown. Compare the Texans WR’s to the Chiefs: The Chiefs lose Tyreek Hill and still managed to acquire a room full of talented WR’s.

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I agree that Mills had no real chance. But he’s also not shown a lot of development. He was better than expected right out of the gate. But if he had ever become more than a competent game manager remains subject to speculation.

If you have a chance as a team to replace him with C.J. Stroud, I guess you have to take it.

I also think they will draft 2 high-profile rookie WRs, plus they have a lot of free cap space. If they play their cards right, they could build a really good team.

But of course, the Texans don’t exactly have a history of playing their cards right, so who knows…

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