What are you looking for in the NFL draft?

I am curious to see what the Falcons do. Call me a “passive” Falcons fan (I see a lot of their games because of where I live in Georgia). But I do like Arthur Smith, their HC, who strikes me as an innovative coach.

The Falcons have plenty of skill position needs, including RB and WR. One can argue they need a QB too, although I like Marcus Mariota. He may never be a top 12 QB, but he can be effective if you surround him with a good team.

What would I do if I was their GM? I would trade with the Jaguars for Laviska Shenault, who strikes me as a Cordarelle Patterson 2.0. Having two gadget players like that would take the stress off both and allow Arthur Smith to run his crazy offense all day long. God help the defensive coordinator who has to gameplan for that!

Regardless, there are plenty of options for the Falcons in the draft, and I am intrigued to see what they do. So who or what are you watching?

P.S. Yes, I am a Raider fan first and foremost. But we already got our “draft” with Davante Adams, and I am quite good with that.

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For some reason, I thought you were from Britain.

I probably won’t stay up on Thursday this year, as I expect the first round to be dominated by defense and o-line picks. Jets could draft a WR with the #4 pick, and the Panthers will quite likely use the #6 to draft a new QB. But other than that, I don’t see too many skill position players coming off the board early.

From a dynasty POV, the key questions to me are:

  • Which WRs will GB and KC draft? Assuming both will spend early picks on the position, both players would immediately become hot targets for the dynasty rookie draft.
  • Will BUF invest draft capital into a WR, an RB, or maybe even both? Again, those players would become immediate dynasty targets.
  • Which team will draft Breece Hall and Kenneth Walker, and will their landing spot leave them in the top 3 conversation?
  • Will NO draft an RB in the first 3 rounds? Keep in mind, Kamara may miss quite a few games, and even if not, he’s not a spring chicken anymore.
  • Same for TEN, even though with a little less urgency.
  • Will TB draft a WR in the first round, and/or an RB in the second?
  • Will ARI draft a WR early? They need young talent there, as both Green and even D-Hop are getting old, and Rondale Moore did not look like their unquestioned future WR1 so far.

Overall, not the most exciting draft in recent memory. But I guess we couldn’t really ask for that after the most insane free agency ever. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! I’m quite flattered by that.

But back to your questions, all good points there.

I have a rookie draft one week after the real one, so I will need to rank the rookies with their landing spots, so watching where they go is key for me.

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