DJ Moore to the Bears

I won’t go into the whole NFL draft aspect of the Bears trade with the Panthers. But DJ Moore to the Bears is actually a lateral move as far as I’m concerned. It’s not a knock on Justin Fields as much as it is on the Bears. They haven’t supported a top WR in forever. When Fields suggested they needed to get a domed stadium, he was right. The winds there are too crazy.

Personally, I’m looking to move Moore wherever I can. I want no part of a Chicago WR.

Damn, I was going to trade for DJ to get Wilson from you. Oh well.

This does increase the value of Fields. Conversely I would not touch the rookie QB sentenced to Carolina.

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I still don’t understand the thinking in Carolina. They got the QB they needed last year in Matt Corral. He had a freak injury in training camp.

More fallout from this trade:

If I was a commissioner reviewing the Bears-Panthers trade in a fantasy league, I’d be real tempted to cancel it.

Panthers get the first pick in the draft. That’s all.

The Bears get WR DJ Moore, the 9th pick, the 61st pick (2nd round), a 2024 first round pick, and a 2025 2nd round pick. That haul is insane! Especially for an unestablished rookie QB. Even the most polished rookie QB is still a crapshoot.

Why am I reminded of this guy?

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I’m thinking of DJ as a good buy low option. I don’t see Da Bears running as much and Montgomery coming back and Fields is way better that what he had at QB last year. The cost will be interesting.

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