Landing Spot - The Quarterbacks

As for this year’s 1st round QB’s, they have been discussed ad nauseum, so I will only briefly cover them in terms of landing spots.

Bryce Young to Carolina is still a question mark to me. The WR room is a desert wasteland. Thielen? Chark? Maybe they could get Terrell Owens out of retirement to spice things up? That said, Miles Sanders owners can expect plenty of checkdowns. Young may eventually turn into a great QB, but not this year. The best upside for him this year is “serviceable”.

CJ Stroud to Houston is at least a little better potentially, as he’ll be getting John Metchie back. But Metchie is also a question mark, after having taken off last year with cancer. But Houston does have Dameon Pierce to take some of the pressure off the new QB. I think Stroud has better long-term prospects, but this year will be nothing more than “serviceable”.

Lastly, Anthony Richardson to the Colts is the most intriguing of the bunch. He has the offensive coach, Shane Steichen, who turned Jalen Hurts into a superstud QB. Richardson has all the physical tools, but he needs the offense around him to succeed. They have the running game, and one very good WR in Michael Pittman. Even then, we still don’t know if Richardson has the head for the game. Could he just be another Malik Willis? Or could he be like Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen, and take a few years to “get it”? Richardson is the high upside/low floor QB of the three QB’s taken. But he also has the best situation of the three.

If I was drafting a QB in a dynasty rookie draft, I might gamble on Richardson, based on high upside and better landing spot.


Agreed. I believe Richardson is now the fantasy rookie QB I would roll the dice on. He will take time to develop his passing but could be the best running QB in the NFL.

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