The Plot Thickens- Multiple Choice QBs

In a Championship game I have Jackson Q, Lawrence Q and added Brady with Minshew. I will wait until Thursday for decision #1.

I have never been through anything like this. Guess you have to rank these 4 and add an if healthy.

Next, a much easier choice of replacing Hurts in my semi final. My best options are Carr, who is bad in cold, vas Pitt and 20 degrees or Minshew vs Dallas.

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Lamar Jackson is easily the best in that group, if available. Brady is second, with Lawrence 3rd and Minshew 4th.

Carr is a nudge above Minshew.

  1. L. Jackson - Gonna be Inactive for week 16
  2. T. Brady - Good weather and vs an avg defense
  3. T. Lawrence - terrible weather in NY and vs a good defense
  4. D. Carr - below avg lately, cold affects him
  5. G. Minshew - 1st start in a year



And if Lamar is active and reports are he’s moving well in practice today?

I would probably still start Brady.
Lamar would probably not play the whole game.


I did not see the game scheduled and upon further review, the final is for next week. I have no clue as to why and have never seen or heard of anything like this. This is ESPN who I do not like and have not played for 5 years.

I am waiting to hear back from the league manager but, this fits into the week I have been having. It appears I made my moves for nothing.

Thanks for the comments and stay tuned. :slight_smile:

What are you talking about?

The finals game and QB we have all been talking about. Pay attention. :slight_smile:

We have been discussing multiple QB’s. Which one?

No, the game is NOT being played this week which is crazy.

I think you lost me here, too. You still have a matchup to play this week, right?

I was PISSED OFF, let me explain.

The league settings show a 4 team playoff over 2 weeks. I won and am getting ready for the final with major problems. I add QBs, dropping other players, to cover as it is the Final and my bench no longer matters.

Today I look at the schedule and THERE IS NO GAME. Upon a closer look I now see that the Championship is to be played next week which makes my moves useless.

I do not know why and am waiting for an explanation from the league manager.

In the meantime we have been talking about my best QB plays this week which again do not now matter.

So that league plays the semifinals in week 15, then no games at all in week 16, and the championship game in week 17?

That indeed makes no sense whatsoever.

Now you see my frustration. I cannot even imagine why any league would do this and did not look closely at the schedule until I saw no game scheduled.

In the meantime, I moved players I could now want for QBs I now do not need and wasted posters time as well. ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!

OK, now I find out that it is a 2 week semi final and I have to play Tim again after winning the game last week. The schedule had the same teams playing and I had no clue as to what they were doing. NOT a fan of this.

Also it is not 2 separate games but a continuing score over 2 weeks. If I win again or still then I have to do the same in the final which means we will likely have star players sitting in wait for the NFL playoffs.

It has been one hell of a week. :frowning:

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Generally speaking, I’m not averse to having 2 week playoff games, although semi-finals and championship would run 4 weeks, meaning your playoff would have to start in week 14, and that dips into bye weeks. The alternative of running playoffs until week 18 is even worse than bye weeks during playoffs. Until the NFL lengthens the season to 18 weeks with one bye for each team, thereby making it 19 weeks long, I’m not sure of a good way to handle this, other than limiting playoffs to 3 weeks.

I have heard of 2 week finals before and hate the idea as much as I hate 2 QBs.

Fantasy tries to copy somewhat of a NFL feel. In the NFL it’s win or go home and only one QB. I like the same.

Back to QBs. Brady is the choice for this week and we will see on Lawrence or Jackson for next week, hopefully.

In the other playoff I am going with Minshew over Carr to replace Hurts this week.
Carr in the cold scares me and he has proven his problems often.

Right now, Carr’s biggest problem is his head coach. :stuck_out_tongue: