Lawrence vs Jackson

A playoff must win choice. Lawrence has been lights out and a franchise QB over the last month or so. Jackson is a star coming off injury with top talent.

I am leaning heavily on Lawrence but Jackson is well rested and could well go off for 30 or more.


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While Jackson still ranks higher in the projections, I’m not sure they are giving Lawrence his due. That said, Lamar has a better matchup (vs. Atlanta) than Trevor (vs. Jets). If Lamar is playing, I’d go with him.

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The issue is Lamar will be questionable probably till Friday or maybe even game time…and Lawrence plays Thursday in a tough matchup.

Its a very risky call as we have no idea about Lamar’s status this week…

Are there any other options available on waivers??

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I might gamble on Lawrence in that scenario. He’s still better than most of the guys available on waivers.

Kris, Lawrence is questionable as well. This is a title match and going with a waiver left over drops my chances considerably.

I will wait until Thursday but am leaning on rolling the dice on Lamar.

Ok…if there are no better options then…I would prefer Lawrence as I am not sure how effective Lamar will be coming off an injury if at all he plays…

Lawrence is playing at a high level right now…cant bench him if he is good to go…

I have claims in for Minshew, Car and Brady was a late drop. Things should be more clear by Thursday.

Also, just curious, I sent yu a message a while back. Did you receive it?