J. Hurts maybe OUT - WHO TO PICK UP?


D. Prescott    @ Home vs  PHI   (a very good Defense rated # 2 in Rtsports)
                        Weather =  DOME
T. Lawrence  on the road vs  NYJ  (a very good Defense rated # 6 in Rtsports)
                        Weather = 22 degrees, 11 mph, partly cloudy, 2% chance of precip        
K. Cousins      @ Home vs  NYG  (a decent Defense rated # 29 in Rtsports
                        Weather =  DOME

Undecided between T. Lawrence and K. Cousins
Leaning towards T. Lawrence
Thanks for your thoughts

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Looking over the week 16 projections, I was surprised to see both Yahoo and Fantasy Pros ranking Prescott first of those three, followed by Lawrence and Cousins.

On the other hand, if you look at their season average, Lawrence is first, followed by Cousins and then Prescott.

So explain how the worst of the three based on average somehow ends up first in projections, against one of the best defenses?

I think I’d go with Lawrence here. Much like Dak did last week, expect Zach Wilson to hand over some short fields for Lawrence to take advantage.

Thanks for the response,
I agree about FantasyPros rankings/projections. Go figure
I use FantasyPros and Footballguys as my primary

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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What, Gardner Minshew isn’t available?

Cigar for 'lil Elfie. Minshew is a very viable option, as posted on other threads.

Actually, no. I’d start any of Prescott, Lawrence, or Cousins before Minshew. Not a knock on Minshew, but he is going against a motivated Dallas defense.

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I like Minshew over Dak or Cousins and possibly over a questionable Lawrence.

I woulsd expect Brown and Smith’s point to suffer some but, Goedert is back and they connected very well in the past.

I’m one of Gardner’s biggest fans, and still agree with you here.

Ironically, Minshew’s last start was also against the Cowboys, last year in week 18. His stat line back then:
19/33 for 186 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT.

The Cowboys D isn’t any worse this year. I don’t see Minshew throwing for more than 200 yards and 2 TDs. Even if he remains INT free, that would still be only 18 points. The other QBs have a higher ceiling this week.

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I have never been a fan of comparing year old match ups. Teams are different.
The Philly OL is #1 vs top 10, Smith is much better and they have Brown.

Last week Dallas got torched for over 300 and 4 score vs Lawrence and Jax.

My best choices were Carr and Minshew and picked up both. Carr has struggled in cold and it will be 20 degrees in Pitt.

I added Minshew and Brady in my other league with Jackson and Lawrence ?

Add in Taylor being out and I am a big underdog in both playoff games.

And still, they are the team that allowed the 3rd fewest fantasy points to opposing QBs.

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How much did that ranking matter last week? How much will it matter this week?

I like Lawrence if he is good to go…considering all the other Qbs mentioned have tough matchups as well…

Hurts hasn’t been ruled out yet…so we still don’t know