Hurts/Minshew or Russel Wilson

Final Match of the year, for the win.
Hurts has been my QB all year

  • Will he play, will he play a whol game


  • Even if hurts is out do you play Minshew vs NO. NO has been making QB stats look silly recently. Minshew has played them once in his career and it wasn’t good.

Russel Wilson

  • Dart throw but possibly my best option? 20+ point game already per ESPN standard scoring. Denver wants him as their future. Will Russ show up or be MIA like last weeks fantasy game.
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I’ll take Minshew. He is playing in a better offense, and he might even be better than Wilson right now.

It’s not the ability or the offense that worries me most. It’s the defenses.
KC being a previously good match and NO putting a hurt on all recently played QB stats