Prescott or Carr?

I have two underperforming QB’s in my superflex league, Dak & Darek. (In my other QB slot will go whoever starts for the Ravens, Lamar Jackson or Tyler Huntley, so that one is set.)

So who do I start among my duds?

And yes, I did try to pick up Taysom Hill off waivers, only to have COVID snatch him away! Thank you CDC! grumbles

There isn’t anything better on the waiver wire (Jared “COVID” Goff or Justin “Questionable” Fields), or at least not with the upside Dak and Derek have on their good days, which haven’t been often lately. Dak’s last 25 point game was against Vegas on Thanksgiving, which also happened to be Derek’s last 21 point game. Since then, Dak has been 12-11-11, and Derek has been 12-12-12.

Watching the Dallas-Giants game last weekend, Dak looked off. He had all his weapons back, and yet he threw some passes that were just not good. Is he injured and they just aren’t saying? That is my guess. When you miss a wide open Ceedee Lamb, something is amiss.

As for the Derek, it feels like a lot of the Raiders are just mailing it in. A QB can only do so much without getting some help. The o-line is playing horrendously, both run blocking and pass blocking. Also, Josh Jacobs looks off. Not sure what his deal is.

The other aspect: Both are in tough divisional games this week. Good news and bad news is Derek had a good game against Denver (21 points), but it was back on October 17th. As for Dak, he was all bad news against Washington 2 weeks ago (211 pass yards, 1 td and 2 picks for 11 points).

I am leaning towards Dak at this point, since Dallas is fairly healthy now. All the offensive parts are there, and their defense is playing some good football. If Dak can just get it together, he can have a good game. On the other hand, if Derek can just find something that works on his offense (Desean Jackson? Zay Jones? Foster Moreau? Peyton Barber? Or try scrambling?), then maybe he could put together a complete game against the Drew Lock-led Broncos.

Any thoughts on this would be welcomed.

I’m leaning towards Dak as well. The game script may just be a little more in favor of QB fantasy production.

But yeah, it’s not a pretty situation.

At least, your opponent didn’t start Deebo Samuel… I hope… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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No, Deebo didn’t make it to the playoffs this year.

The only ones my opponent had last night were Aiyuk and Foreman. Aiyuk was a little better than expected, while Foreman was worse, so overall he underperformed slightly. I didn’t have anyone in last night’s game.

Yeah, I’m rolling with Dak in a similar situation in a 1QB league. Just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t lay another egg.

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Ironically, I ended up playing both Dak and Derek, due to injuries and COVID. And Dak returned to form, so all is good.

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Sounds like you made it to the final - congrats!
And best of luck in this weekend’s Covid lottery :sweat_smile:

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Yep! Made it to the final, against the same guy I played last year for the championship. Although I had a better year than he did, he got lucky in championship week. We’ll see what happens this year.

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I say Dak. I have Dak also. I think he has a higher floor than Carr this week.


I had no choice last week. I had to play them both in my superflex league cause all my other options were either hurt or had covid.