Superflex Newbie, need advice with early picks

This is our leagues first year with Superflex, and will be everyones first time drafting this way. So who knows if QB’s go later or everyone just goes QB crazy.

I have #3 pick and QB’s get 6 pts. for TD throws.

I know 1st round I’ll grab one of the top three QBs.

With the 2nd & 3rd round should I lean to grab a RB & WR or look to get my 2nd QB? If its Hurts and below quality?

Thanks for any advice for a first timer.

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Get Derrick Henry first, and continue to snap up the quality RBs and WRs who will be falling through the cracks as everyone scrambles over QBs, then casually take your Carr and Cousins in the 5th-8th rounds.

You’re welcome.

Welcome back! Ignore the lawn gnome. He has a fetish for old broken down RB’s, and completely ignored what you just said.

Superflex with 6 pt td’s is VERY QB-centric! Draft ONLY 2 QB’s early, then wait until much later and grab Jameis Winston as a backup

If you do this, please take Ed to small claims court to recover your entry fee. This advice is akin to malpractice.

We’ve already seen your malpractice! How did all your Derrick Henry teams do last year?

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Is that a rhetorical question?

Surely you know they were all in first place with the most total points until Henry got hurt. That’s why he’s the best player in fantasy football–he can singlehandedly put fantasy teams on his back and carry them to fantasy championships.

And by the way, “malpractice” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

UNTIL he got hurt! And then what did you do? Trade for CMC? :rofl:

You don’t think he continued to produce at that rate AFTER he got hurt, do you?

No NFL player produces when they’re hurt; Henry just gets hurt less than anyone else, and produces more than anyone else when he’s not hurt.

His attendance at less than 50% of the games last season wasn’t exemplary. That’s called a whole lotta nothing!

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Big picture, little one… Big picture.

Sometimes, when a tree falls in the forest, it’s nothing. But when half the forest is gone, can we call that something? Especially when it was expected. Yes, Elfie, I EXPECTED Henry to get hurt last year, just as he will again this year if they don’t cut back on his touches. He is too old to take that kind of punishment.

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Yes, but missing two trees in five forests wouldn’t qualify.

You seem to think that now that Henry has had ONE freak broken bone, now he’s doomed to spend the rest of his career on IR, when literally everything Henry has done for his entire career is prove that he CAN handle the pounding of an insane workload.

I don’t mind letting you be stupid, but when you’re running around telling everyone with high draft picks to avoid the best player in fantasy football, I have a moral obligation to do some damage control on the nonsense.

You’re putting words in my mouth. Your exaggeration is noted! Any RB can handle the insane pounding, until they can’t. We aren’t talking a WR with a freak collarbone break, we are talking about a broken foot on a 28-year old RB. Quit treating Henry like a 23 year old RB. In dog years, he’s 60.

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In Juggernaut years, his voice is still cracking.

Come back to me in week 9 this season. If Henry is still active, and hasn’t missed multiple weeks with injuries, I will happily defer to your wisdom! Odds are I will never hear from you on this again, at least until you try to promote Henry to the next newbie, and I object.

You would save a lot of time by deferring to Axe Elf’s wisdom in preseason, and then you don’t have to come up with any mealy-mouthed excuses in October.

You are more likely to be eating crow in October. You are stuck in the NFL world of a decade ago or longer. You might want to listen to me instead. I’ve seen the NFL evolve to what it is now. It’s a different game, sport. Ignore me at your own peril. Keep touting the old broken down workhorse. It makes me look so much smarter than you.

You do realize that a decade ago, it would still be four years before Henry would enter the league, right?

He’s not Frank Gore.

I remember drafting Frank Gore as a rookie. He was a darned good player too.

I’ve been in an 8 team superflex league (6pt passing TD, non-PPR) for years. historically it drafted more like. a standard league. This year it went QB crazy, 6 QB in first round and 3 in second (plus 2 more QB keepers in later rounds - half the teams kept a qb). I ended up with Jonathan Taylor and Eckler in rounds 1 and 2 drafting from 4th spot which is great BUT by the 3rd round ended up with brady as qb1 and matt ryan in 5th as qb 2 (also got winston later). by the time my second pick came around eckler seemed like more value than any of the available QB. we’ll see how this works out for me.

to your question - seems like recently QB go very early, you should probably have your starting QB in round. 1 or 2 and your superflex qb by the 5th (maybe earlier in deeper leagues)

good luck