3 Keeper PPR Superflex League

I draft 2nd in this league. There are no costs or restrictions on Keepers.
My best 3 players are CEH; Kittle and T Locket. I also have M Thomas but think he is too risky.
I have been offered a trade of my 7th round pick for R Tannehill in which case I would let go of CEH or Lockett. Your thoughts

That move would require you to keep a QB, and that would be stupid, so no.

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Thanks. So, with Kittle, Lockett and CEH as my keepers and either J Taylor or AJ Brown available when I draft (position 2) what do you think about my taking Josh Allen (remember this is a PPR Superflex league)

He would be a fine pick if he’s still on the board in the 5th.

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